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    How to protect the anilox roller?

    2017-11-30 12:06:49 admin 27

    In daily work, if we can't  use anilox roll in a right way, not only affect the ink evenly transfer, thus it will hurt print printing quality, still can greatly reduce the service life of anilox roll itself.Therefore, the first step of the maintenance of the flexographic roller is to learn to use it correctly.

    The correct operation of the roller

    1. The Angle of blade roller blade

    The Angle between the blade and the contact line of the roller is generally between 25 and 30 degrees.If the Angle is too large, the scraper is almost against the anilox roller, anilox roller surface is not smooth, when it is at high speed, can cause the vibration of the elastic film scraper or beat, make the solution was to play up, causing uneven coating weight, cause large difference of coating weight problems.The other too big Angle can damage the blade.

    2. The cutting edge of the roller blade

    The sharpness of the blade depends on the Angle of blade wear and the purity of the solution and the quality of the knife.If it is a new knife, the cutting edge of the blade should be effective to clean the adhesive liquid layer on the rollers without producing the knife wire.The sharpness of the knife can effectively clean the solution layer, thus achieving uniform and uniform coating volume, and the difference in coating volume will increase.

    3. The flatness of the blade

    The flatness of the scraper is not to produce warping deformation, but the amount of coating is uniform, otherwise the difference of coating volume will increase.The flatness depends on the installation of the scraper blade method, of course, it is also possible and tool holder slot or blade, facing with foreign body, therefore should wipe lining when put a knife, then put new sword behind the lining, into the slot.Screw the back screw of the blade, first from the middle of the blade, then gradually tighten the sides, and both sides must roll tightly.To prevent blade warp, when tightening the screws should be completed by two or three times, the screw on one side, and with the cloth clamping blades and liner, one side and make an effort to tighten, such as the knife is a flat, to ensure the coating weight difference is within the scope of the standard.

    4. The left and right movement of the roller blade

    Scraper about moving to support scraping line, improving the utilization ratio of scraper, reduce the wear and tear for anilox roll plays an important role, from this into consideration, wall wear less, the network real relatively deep, costumed fluid part is much, is conducive to achieve the required coating weight.The optimal coating content of aluminum foil and adhesives is used to heat up the aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet. The bonding strength of the two hot seals is usually measured by the heat seal strength of the bonding layer.Within a certain range of aluminum foil and PVC heat seal strength is proportional to the amount of coating, but not to a certain degree, in most test cases, the coating weight in 3, 6 g/cm ^ 2 can meet the requirements of heat sealing strength.If increase the coating weight, heat sealing strength value as the amount of coating increased to a certain value, the heat sealing strength curve into balance, intensity change is small, so to increase the amount of adhesive coating is not necessary, also increase my cost.

    Notes for use of scraper:

    (1) do not overpressurize the scraper to get more color, in order to increase the wear of the roller and blade.

    (2) do not rotate the dry rollers to the scraping knife;

    (3) each time the blade is updated, the pressure must be reset, and the wrong pressure setting will create a scraper fragment and damage roll surface.

    (4) stop using scraper which has exceeded the maximum wear and tear, establish daily flow of the wear and tear of the scraper, stabilize the wear degree of the scraper, and avoid the damage of the roller;

    (5) keep the rollers parallel to the scraper, and check the calibration every 15 days.


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